Thursday, 11 April 2013

fake eyelashes!

fake eyelashes are a recent interest of mine. previously only interested in over-curling and coating my eyelashes with layers of mascara, i never considered glue-on lashes.

last month, i ordered a set of 3 from love & beauty by forever 21. so far, i've only worn the medium-volume ones. this being my first experience with fake lashes, i guess i'm not 100% sure what to expect, but for the price of $4.80 i'd have to say i'm very pleased. they're not too evidently false, more on the "wow she has long lashes but they're probably fake" side.
if i ever decide to try out the other two i'll input my review, but for now i think i'll stick to just wearing the middle ones.

there are a lot of different looks that can be achieved with fake lashes. here's a few of them, along how they can be achieved and my opinion on when they should be worn.

a very natural, every day look. this can be achieved using finer and less voluminous false lashes, along with translucent makeup/makeup that matches your skin colour.
 a more dramatic look with more voluminous lashes. i feel these are more appropriate for parties and special occasions. this is the kind of look that the medium volume lashes i ordered give.

this look is even more dramatic than the last; more of a runway model look. i don't believe fake lashes with feathers and rhinestones and the sort should be used on any occasion other than photo-shoots or dress-up parties.

i can't say i would approve of  these fake lashes for any occasion, unless you're trying to pull a lady gaga and i'm still not sure she would go this far. but to each their own; some may be fond of lashes like this!

questions for my readers:

do you wear fake lashes? or do you prefer mascara? or neither?

which look do you prefer out of the ones shown above? or do you have different taste?

are there certain false lashes you've purchased that you absolutely love and would recommend to others? i'm new to these so i'd love some suggestions! 

Friday, 5 April 2013

the city of my dreams

can you imagine going somewhere without roads, where everything that isn't buildings or people is water. when you step out of your house you're feasting your eyes on gorgeous scenery consisting of canals and ancient buildings. this is venice, italy - the city of my dreams.
when i hear about italy, i usually get the idea that the water is murky, there's a bad smell in the air, and that there is no sense of hygiene for miles on end. upon researching it a little more, i discovered that venice is actually a lot cleaner than people claim the rest of italy is. the water in the above picture does look a bit murky, but the beauty of it cannot be denied.
i'm not usually a lover of travelling, having done so much of it throughout my life, as it does get tiring looking at scenery, but this is just one place i can't spend my life without.

as a second on my list, after visiting the magnificent city of water, i would love spending some time at the ancient pyramids of egypt to marvel at their spectacular craftsmanship, enjoy the desert, ride a camel and dress up in traditional arabian gear.

where are your dreams taking you? is there any place you feel you have to visit, or even more - plan to live in? i'd love to hear anyone and everyone's thoughts.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

less elegant.

okay it's my first day blogging and i'm getting a little over-excited with this new experience. i just have so much on my mind right now!
i wanted to share these cute rainbow nails i did. i got the idea off of deviant art and just loved it! it gives a childish and playful look;
don't always gotta be a princess~

online shopping!

i'm a huge fan of online shopping as of recently. i never considered it much before, and would only shop once every 2 months or so when i could be bothered to make time for the mall. i also live in a smaller city with less variety of shops that i'm interested in. it does get tiring having the same clothes for ages, especially when you can't do anything about it since there's no nice shops nearby!
online shopping is the key to solving this problem. it also saves hours of boredom that sitting at home doing nothing could stir up. although, there are stores i would much rather shop at in real life, since they don't offer much variety to look at online anyway.
forever 21 is one of the stores i could shop at online for hours and hours and still not have browsed through every page on the site. although the quality isn't made to last forever, i'd still say it's one of my favourite stores. in person, it's just a hassle because there's way too much to look through and try on. but when at home, might as well make use of your time. am i right or am i right?
let's have a look at some nice things i found online today.

CAD $47.80

although this seems to be one of the pricier items they have in stock, it's a favourite of mine. i think i need more white in my wardrobe; it gives off a lovely, charming and refreshing look and is convenient because it can be worn with pretty much any colour imaginable!
CAD $18.80
they also sell a lot of cheaper items at forever 21. here's another white top. i guess it's apparent i have an obsession with white!
spring calls for leather jackets, and it just so happens that this top would look perfect with a black leather jacket, or coloured even.
most of us probably have jackets in our closets that we like to mix and match outfits with, and buy new tops to wear under them. if not, no worries!

here's a simple one from urban planet. it looks cuter in pink, but for the sake of contrasting with the white tank, i chose to put up the image in black.

Faux Leather Jacket

now, i can't say i'm a huge fan of shopping for expensive things online, since i like to try them on to see if they'll suit me first. online shopping does come with disappointments, when you get your package and realize the perfect top you ordered doesn't look as perfect on you as it did on the model, but that's no reason to be a quitter. most stores have return policies if you're not satisfied.
another random pointless fact about me is that i won't ever buy jeans online. i'm not usually interested in cheap jeans and i just can't bring myself to spend a lot of money on something that i haven't tried on.
online shopping can even be done just as a hobby: window shoppingggggg!!!!!!
i like the dress and top i showed above (the jacket, not as much) but being honest, i'm not buying them. why? because i see so many things online while browsing for hours, but if i decide to buy everything i'd have no more room in my closet and my bank account would be dry. so, unless i'm really in love with something or in need of new clothes, i don't buy every time i shop.

keepin it classy

i guess there isn't much more to life than being classy.
edit: on second thought, there's a lot more to life than being classy.
but we must do everything in the appropriate way, us aristocrats.
just kidding.
i guess i wouldn't mind being some form of an aristocrat,
or royalty.
you can just call me princess,
that works !
i welcome myself to the blogging community.

yours truly,
princess ♥